What to Know about Urge Incontinence

Urge incontinence is characterized by a very strong urge to urinate. This is an urge that comes on suddenly and strongly and that is very hard to control. Once that urge occurs, the bladder will contract or squeeze, and then you will urinate uncontrollably. It may be a little or a lot of urine that comes out, depending on how severe the problem is and how much urine is in the bladder at the time.

What Causes Urge Incontinence?

This type of incontinence can be caused by a few different things. It could be that your nervous system is having some trouble and cannot be properly controlled. Your muscles could be spasming without you being able to control their contractions and relaxation. This can cause your bladder muscles to move uncontrollably and cause you to lose urine.

Or the cause could be an irritated bladder. This can occur because of any number of reasons, but when your bladder is irritated, it may spasm without you controlling it, and you can lose urine that way. The end result is the same no matter the root cause. The treatment for it, however, can vary based on what is causing the issue in the first place.

This can occur no matter how much urine you have in your bladder, but incontinence can also cause you to have trouble emptying your bladder whenever you do urinate. Limiting your liquid intake, then, is not going to help. You have to do something else if you are going to counteract the effects of urge incontinence.

Testing for Urge Incontinence

If you go to see a doctor about this problem, and you should, your doctor is going to want to perform an exam. Women will have a pelvic exam done, while men will need a genital exam. The doctor will be looking for signs of nerve or muscle damage, as well as any indication of what may be causing the nerves and muscles to malfunction in this way.

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There are a lot of different tests that can be done, and if one of them is not producing definitive answers, the doctor may move on to another.

Treatment for the Problem

In order to treat this issue, the doctor first has to determine what the root cause is. There is a different treatment option for every cause of urge incontinence. To manage your bladder leakage while trying to treat or diagnose the problem, the doctor may recommend you use adult incontinence products, such as pads or adult nappies.

The simplest and least invasive treatment is muscle and pelvic training,and how effective this is and how long it will take will be determined by the severity of your case.

Your doctor may also recommend medication or surgery for more severe cases, and this can usually get the problem under control or cure it completely.

Your doctor will usually recommend that you make some lifestyle changes as well, such as eating different foods and avoiding certain foods that could trigger a leak. Your doctor may also recommend that you perform some exercise or workout on a regular basis to counteract the root problem of the nicotine or at least minimize the symptoms.